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Processor - intel i5-13400f Graphics card - ZOTAC RTX 3060 Ti motherboard - MSI pro B660M-A WIFI DDR4 RAM - Adata XPG spectridx D50 SSD - XPG Gammix S50 lite 1TB M Power supply - Corsair CV 650 Fan - 120 MM , silver stoned air blazer Cabinet - Cooler Masterbox MB-520 ARGB

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used 8 gb VRAM graphics card and in ram we used two sticks of 8 gb each which is 16 gb RAM is used with 3200MHz clock speed and our power house from where all of these will get power, Corsair CV 650 that is our 650 watt power supply, in this 4K video editing is really easy and smooth , processor is great over here and here if you want to do 3D modeling or rendering work graphics card is 3060 Ti there will be no problem, 16 gb ram is there , so if you do editing or day to day task even if you want to do multi layer editing in photoshop or anything else in that also there is no problem and why is good for productivity because processor is really nice and smooth, so this high build architecture in your productivity helps you a lot

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processor - intel i7 - 12700KF RAM - Adat 32gb DDR5 Graphics card - Giga byte Aero serie RTX 4060 Ti motherboard - Asus prome Z790P SSD - WD 1 TB Cabinet - NZXT H5 white edition PSU - Deepcool PM 750 D

Talk about performance

in this you can 4k 60 fps video editing it gave a great experience to you , it has powerful processor there is no problem in video editing you can easily ran photoshop and if you are a student and want to do app development,coding or even game development so 4060 Ti is a capable gpu beacause it comes with 8gb VRAM and there blender benchmark score is 4000+ so 3d modelling rendering and architecture require graphical power so it has such a powerful GPU and you do single pc gaming live streaming on this system . And 3 white fans are used which are ARGB fans which installed in this cabinet it gives powerful gaming experience with design this Gaming PC is an exceptional choice for gamers

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