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Pre Built PC

Tired of the endless quest for a customized PC builder? Look no further – Ntech offers swift and efficient assembly of personalized PCs within minutes. Our services cater to gamers, creators, and anyone seeking top-tier performance in prebuilt gaming PCs, ideal for gaming enthusiasts, video editing aficionados, or coding connoisseurs. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching; let Ntech craft the perfect prebuilt gaming PC tailored to your needs.

custom built pc

gaming PC

you can also check the prebuilt gaming pc from us in which high range parts have been used,you can check as per your requirements.

custom built pc

PC for editors

Discover our custom-built PC designed specifically for editors. Be sure to explore the pre-built editor PC options already assembled by us.

custom built pc


Discover our custom-built PC designed specifically for graphic designer. Be sure to explore the pre-built editor PC options already assembled by us.

custom built pc


Crafting a custom PC is a gratifying and budget-friendly approach to attaining a system that perfectly aligns with your requirements. If you’re considering the convenience of a prebuilt gaming PC, here’s a comprehensive guide on navigating the process of assembling a personalized gaming rig


Identify the purpose of the pc like gaming,video editing, programming etc                                                        and determine your budzet


Processor (CPU): Select a CPU that meets your performance needs.
Graphics Card (GPU): Choose a GPU suitable for your graphics-intensive tasks.
Motherboard: Ensure compatibility with the CPU and other components.
Memory (RAM): Choose sufficient RAM based on your usage.
Storage: Decide on the type and capacity of storage (SSD for speed, HDD for more storage).
Power Supply (PSU): Select a PSU with enough wattage and efficiency.
Cooling: Consider whether you need air or liquid cooling for the CPU.

custom built pc

Select a Case

Choose a case that accommodates your components and has good airflow.


Follow the motherboard manual to install the CPU, RAM, and other components.
Mount the motherboard in the case and connect power cables.
Install the GPU, storage drives, and other peripherals.
Connect all cables, ensuring they are securely attached.

you will not face any loss in performance from our side , you will be given the best material , you wont find a faster , better performing pc than us and best framerate to push processing power from premium components

This thing is seen from the consumer point of view because nowadays people like creators, gamers , researchers and artists need such heavy custom build pc.

if you have any questions or querry in the future ,you can call or message us anytime, no charges will be taken from you,it will be absoulutely free

along with making prepare design as per your request
we have colour components that becomes automatically gorgeous

you can also join us un social media for recent build and customer review.

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